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  • Packed with Space and Character] This shelving unit, 24 x 158 x 166 cm in size, with 14 jumbled shelves, offers plenty of space to elegantly display knick-knacks, photos, holiday souvenirs, and much more
  • [Sturdy and Durable] Sturdy steel and heavy-duty particleboard form a stable structure, further reinforced by the X-bars on the back. The bookcase can hold up to 10 kg per shelf, for a total of 140 kg
  • [Stable and Safe] Attached backboards on shelves ensure that your items do not fall over. Adjustable feet keep the bookshelf level and the anti-tip kit prevents the shelf from tipping over for a safer environment
  • [One Bookshelf, Many Uses] Place this bookshelf in your living room to display decorations and other decor, in your office to organise documents, in the bedroom for your personal belongings, or just in your closet for more space to organise your things

SEMI3 - Bookshelf

SKU: VS-Semi3
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